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The Coin of the Military BRAT

The Coin of the Military BRAT recognizes the unique personal strengths of Military BRATs and honors them for the great sacrifices they make by sharing their parents with the nation they have chosen to serve. These are sacrifices that BRATs do no make by choice, but ones they accept with courage, love and dignity.

The Coin of the Military BRAT was developed to help commanders as well as soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen, at all levels, recognize and honor their family members for the strength and support they provide. It makes an excellent companion to the Crest of the Military Wife and is likewise a priceless gift for presentation at hails & farewells, promotions, retirements or any other ceremony at which family members may be honored.

The Coin of the Military BRAT is beautifully styled and rich in symbolism. Crafted and stamped by America's leading coin producer, it features rich colors and deep, well-balanced tones set upon a high-relief antique brass image. The reverse side of the coin features the seal of the appropriate Service. The Coin of the Military BRAT is certain to be a coveted item among military family members and will extend the long-standing tradition of the coin challenge to their ranks. A striking parchment accompanies the Coin, with hand-inscribed text explaining the meaning of each symbol. This exquisite work of art is the handiwork of the nationally renown calligrapher, Dick Pearson, the official calligrapher of the Kennedy White House. The parchment is adorned with a medallion to recognize the appropriate service. When framed together, the coin and parchment make a beautiful adornment for any wall.

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